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Friday, June 8, 2012


Frizzell Handbook of Pathophysiology
(6.86 MB)

Guyton & Hall Textbook Of Medical Physiology, 11th Edition
Author: Arthur C. Guyton / John E. Hall
pages: 1104 pages
Publisher: Saunders/Elsevier
Format: CHM
Size: 15.8 Mb Approx
Edition: 11th edition (September 1, 2005)
The new edition of this classic Physiology textbook continues to provide comprehensive coverage of basic physiology and its relation to clinical medicine. It has been thoroughly revised throughout to improve clarity of the concepts and to include new physiological principles where necessary
or 10th ed , format djvu

W. F. Ganong Review of Medical Physiology 21 th Edition
password: www.MatRiks.Info
(.chm file)
no password required

Vander Human Physiology The Mechanism of Body Function 8 Ed

Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology
Book Description
Renowned for her effective learning systems, respected author Sylvia Mader has helped thousands of entry-level students understand and enjoy the principles of human anatomy and physiology. Mader expertly weaves up-to-date informative content with effective learning systems, piecing together the facts and fascination of human anatomy and physiology. With the fifth edition of Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology, your introductory, one-semester students have the opportunity to experience an effective blend of up-to-date, informational content with several new features and an extensively enhanced multimedia support system.

About the Author
Dr. Sylvia Mader is the best-selling author of introductory biology textbooks. Other books she has authored for WCB include: Inquiry Into Life, Human Biology, Introduction to Biology, and Understanding Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Student companion cd rom for principles of anatomy and physiology
The Student Companion CD-ROM to accompany Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Ninth Edition by Gerard Tortora and Sandra R. Grabowski. This tool allows you to explore and interact with some of the most challenging topics presented in your course. After reading through the chapters in the text assigned by your instructor, you can work through the related interactive exercises and quizzes in the Student Companion CD-ROM, reinforcing the lessons learned in your text and class lectures.
The Student Companion Version 2 CD ROM now has 2 programs: The Tutorials in Physiology and the Student Companion. To use the Tutorials In Physiology program double click on the Animated_Tutorials folder. Then view the readme file for the setup instructions. To use the Student Companion double click on the Student Companion folder. Then view the readme file for the setup instructions.
The files are in ISO format.
Download link:

PDQ Physiology
PDQ Physiology offers a concise, up-to-date summary of human physiology. It is an ideal resource for the more advanced physiology specialist and health professional requiring a quick view or review. The book's perspective is one of integration while incorporating the current understanding in molecular and cellular physiology and offers up-to-date explanations of physiological phenomena.
The reader will greatly benefit from the coverage of topics not found in most comprehensive physiology books. PDQ Physiology is more focused on significant points; more current in cardiac, renal, and muscle functions; and is more descriptive in sexuality, reproduction and birth.
Numerous illustrations and summary tables
Includes a section on the Autonomic Nervous System
Comes with a mini CD-ROM with entire text and illustrations, in fully searchable PDF files
Contains a bonus self-assessment question and answer section and provides links to web sites that feature animations - all included on the CD-ROM

Cardiovascular physiology concepts
Book Description
This concise monograph examines the treatment of normal heart and circulatory function in language that is easily understood by first-year medical and allied health students.
Paperback: 235 pages
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Bk&CD-Rom edition (June 25, 2004)
ISBN: 078175030X

Introduction to Medical Electronics Applications
L. Nokes D. Jennings T. Flint B. J. Turton B. Turton
Introduction to Medical Electronics Applications
Elsevier Science & Technology Books | ISBN 0340614579 | March 1995
Medical electronics, or more specifically the instrumentation used in physiological measurement, has changed significantly over the last few years. Developments in electronics technology have offered new and enhanced applications, especially in the areas of data recording and analysis and imaging technology. These changes have been accompanied by more stringent legislation on safety and liability. This book is designed to meet the needs of students on the growing number of courses, undergraduate and MSc. It is a concise and accessible introduction offering a broad overview that encompasses the various contributing disciplines.
password :

Fox Human Physiology 8th Edition

Rhoades& Tanner Medical Physiology
Size: 16 Mb
Pages: 711
Format: PDF;

The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure and Function
pass: tF

T.Nosek Essentials of human physiology
Essentials of Human Physiology is an interactive multimedia learning and teaching resource that provides a complete, easy-to-use, up-to-date survey of the basic principles of human physiology and functional anatomy. Developed by the faculty in the Department of Physiology and Endocrinology at the Medical College of Georgia, this program represents a breakthrough in human physiology education. The unique software combines descriptive text, full color graphics and animations, clinical problems, full motion video, audio, and a self-testing question bank into the first fully integrated human physiology program. * 77 chapters organized into eight sections: - Membrane Transport and Bioelectric Activity - Muscle Physiology - Cardiac and Circulatory Physiology - Respiratory Physiology - Endocrinology - Gastrointestinal Physiology - Renal Physiology - Brain Function (Nervous System) * 3,000 screens of comprehensive text * Text is supported by over 1,800 illustrations presented via split-screen * Over 125 multimedia features including animations, video and sound files * 32 correlative clinical cases * Search capabilities * Self-testing question bank containing over 850 questions with detailed explanations of all answers of human (134mb)
Size: 117 MB (Packed)

Molecular Biology of Circadian Rhythms
by Amita Sehgal (Editor) Wiley-Liss
approx. 4.5 MB
password: Zer00forebooksclub

Adam Muscular Sysytem
67.47 MB
64.02 MB
84.78 MB
93.81 MB

Adam cardiovascular System
It is designed in 1996 but still consider as The complete resource for physiological study. With this software series, you've got everything you'll need to learn physiological concepts and practices. Windows / Macintosh.
size : 109 MB

ADAM interactive URINARY system
204.5 Mb
It is designed in 1996 but still consider as The complete resource for physiological study. With this software series, you've got everything you'll need to learn physiological concepts and practices. Windows / Macintosh

Interactive Physiology 8-System Suite
InterActive Physiology® significantly enriches the teaching
environment by providing audio/visual understanding of complex topics.
For use as both a presentation and teaching tool in the classroom, as
well as a study tool for students, these CD-ROMs feature full-color
animations, sound, video, and extensive interactive quizzes and games
that thoroughly demonstrate difficult physiology concepts, many of
which occur at the cellular and molecular level.
System Requirements:
· 486/33MHz Processor
· Windows 3.1 or higher
· 8 MB RAM
· 2.5 MB hard disk space
· SVGA color monitor, 256 colors
· Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive
· MPC-compatible sound card
Download=512 MB 8 System .zip
pass: http://www.allislam/. net
or by these links:
password:www. ALLISLAM.

Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine (Lange)
by Stephen J. McPhee, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, William F. Ganong
McGraw-Hill Medical; 5 edition (November 4, 2005)
pdf, 784 pages, 94 Mb

Book of Medical Physiology Indiana University textbook !
Download link:

Illustrative Flash for Physiology ... !
Balance and Vestibular System

Cochlear Implant


Human Physiology notes

Essentials of Human Physiology
Image file (bin, 117 MB):

Medical Physiology - 21 Edition

Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine (Lange)
by Stephen J. McPhee, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, William F. Ganong
McGraw-Hill Medical; 5 edition (November 4, 2005)
pdf, 784 pages, 94 Mb

The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure and Function
Adolf Faller
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers
The basic principles of the anatomy and physiology of the human body are presented in easy-to-read language with clearly integrated text and four-color illustrations. Full consideration is given to the interests of various disciplines in the health care field.
pass: tF

Acid Base Physiology
By Kerry Brandis
forma chm

Rethinking Homeostasis
Size: 5.05 Mb Pages: 316 Format: PDF

Medical Physiology
A very useful book that has a high scientific standard. It is good to use as a reference for both physiology study and as a practicing physician
Book Description
Medical Physiology, Updated Edition, is a full-color, comprehensive textbook designed for modern medical school courses in human physiology. The most up-to-date and beautifully illustrated text on the market, it has a strong molecular and cellular approach, firmly relating the molecular and cellular biological underpinnings of physiology to the study of human physiology and disease. Contributions from leading physiologists ensure authoritative, cutting-edge information, and thorough and consistent editing have produced a readable and student-friendly text.
The smart way to study!
Elsevier titles with STUDENT CONSULT will help you master difficult concepts and study more efficiently in print and online! Perform rapid searches. Integrate bonus content from other disciplines. Download text to your handheld device. And a lot more. Each STUDENT CONSULT title comes with full text online, a unique image library, case studies, USMLE style questions, and online note-taking to enhance your learning experience

Teaching Psychology: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cardiovascular Physiology
This uniquely readable, compact, and concise monograph lays a foundation of knowledge of the underlying concepts of normal cardiovascular function. Students welcome the book's broad overview as a practical partner or alternative to a more mechanistically oriented approach or an encyclopedic physiology text. Especially clear explanations, ample illustrations, a helpful glossary of terms, tutorials, and chapter-opening learning objectives provide superb guidance for self-directed learning and help fill the gap in many of today's abbreviated physiology blocks. A focus on well-establish- ed cardiovascular principles reflects recent, widely accepted cardiovascular research.
The supplemental CD-ROM is an interactive, dynamically linked version of the book, which is organized by normal cardiovascular function and cardiac disease. Students may begin a path of questioning with, for example, a disease condition and then pursue background information through a series of links. Students can also link to the author's regularly updated Web site for additional clinical information.

Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Stimulators
Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Stimulators is a volume in the Medical Intelligence Unit series. It describes new blood vessel development in cancer and in benign disease, especially with regard to potential therapy. The book has 15 chapters and 31 contributors

Clinical Physiology: An Examination Primer
370 pages, 1.8MB
Written in a user-friendly format, this concise guide to fundamental concepts in physiologyrelevant to clinical practicecovers all body systems. Bulleted checklists and boxed information review and summarize the essentials. Concentrating on the core knowledge of physiology, the guide is a useful reference for doctors striving to achieve postgraduate certification, as well as anyone needing to refresh their knowledge in the key elements of clinical physiology

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